This Is What I Do

Real Estate Marketing

I help Real Estate Professionals in their marketing across Social Media by developing helping to develop Brand Stories that creates trust and increases the quality and  effectiveness of lead generation.

To be a top performer a Realtor needs

  • To have a well written Brand Story
  • To have a website and blog the reinforces the Brand Story
  • To have a brief of the Brand Story across all marketing channels
  • To make their customers the Hero and themselves as the Guide

They say that Real Estate is about Networking. While that is true to some extent.
I personally believe it is the meaningful connections made in networking that make the difference.

Does Your Brand Story Make A Connection?


My name is Rafael Cortes but you can call me Ralphy.

To give you a brief history about myself I’ll say this.

In 2001 I went to College for Digital Media with a focus on Web Development and got a Degree in 2003. But right after I graduated I joined the U.S.Army. I ended up doing I.T. and Medical Supply while serving. Got out early in 2006 and found myself with way too much free time.

So I got back into a career in Web Development working primarily for myself. So yeah, I built and designed this site using WordPress because why not.

I did go back to school in 2012 and got a second Degree in I.T. and worked, again for myself, for a few years. But I just couldn’t develop a passion to do I.T. for a living.

So I once again I found myself designing website for friends and family and realized something. Why not take this skill one step further.

Today I do Social Media Internet Marketing, and I get a thrill designing, developing, and promoting Brand Stories.

So What Do I Do To Get The Job Done?

This is the Run Down

Everything I do is broken down into projects to maximize productivity and effectiveness. The tools that I use and the skills that I have to use those tools help me create strategies across your Social Media platforms to promote your Brand Story. Because your Brand Story is what your customers engaging with first and not you directly. I work to create a great first impression that gets them to reach out to you.

How to get started?

Before I can help you. We need to do something first. You need to Request a Free Marketing Audit.

Why is this so important?

It allows me to quickly, at a glance, see what and where we can get started in redeveloping your Brand Story and presenting it across all your Social Media Marketing channels.

Keyword Research & Selection

Baseline SEO Ranking Report

On Page Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Management & Marketing

Web Design, Development, & Management

Blog Creation & Promotion

Email Marketing, Newsletter, & Design


My promise and commitment to quality service.

I am an online professional that is on a mission to be a guide.

My mission is to develop a partnership with all of my clients to drive their success in marketing. Like the old saying goes, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

This applies to me in a very big way. I strive to promote your Brand Story and help you get qualified leads, customers, or clients that increase your ROI.

To bring my clients the results that they hire or partner with me to do for them. Never cutting corners to get the job done.


Web Mastering upon request.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & More.


PPC, Email, Blogs, & eNewsletters.


Real Estate Marketing


If you still have questions drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

My Office is Online

I live in wonderful Dayton, Ohio. For the most part I am location neutral. So if possible I come to your office for 1-on-1 meetings or we work online.


Working Mind Designs


Monday - Friday
9 am to 5 pm